How To Apply For Free Appraisl and Loan Offer:

Step 1: To start the loan process please call or email us and tell us your name, your telephone number, your email address, and a United States mailing address.

Step 2: Please tell us the address of the property, house, condo or income units that will serve as the collateral for the loan.

Step 3: Tell us your estimated value of the property that will serve as the collateral. If you own the property, tell us the amount of loan(s) you owe on that property.

Step 4: We need the estimated dollar amount of repairs the property needs to be in average/normal physical condition.

Step 5: Tell us how much you want to borrow.

Step 6: Equity 1 Loans will now do an appraisal of the property and calculate how much we can lend based on the property’s appraisal value. We lend only first TD or first mortgage loans, not second loans.

Step 7: You the borrower will read our loan offer and decide whether or not to accept our loan offer. Our loan is based on the value of the property, not a credit score. We lend purchase money loans and non-purchase money loans. We lend the first loan equal to 70% of the property’s appraisal value that nets 65% of value of cash loans proceeds.

Thank you for your interest in our loan services. Call & ask questions, if you do not understand.

We want to do business with you.

Dan Cook, President

Apply by Email