? Signed: Dan Cook, Pres of EQUITY 1 LOANS

? We offer 2 different cash loan types: #1 is ‘no interest’ short term loan; must pay all back fast; does not cut your income tax due to no interest to deduct; great for flipper making fast taxable profit•OR #2 type is you automaticaly choose this type #2 if you do not pay loan back fast; is 30 year loan with low payments with interest to deduct to cut taxes, can stop payment anytime by paying off anytime with no early payoff penalty, no mandatory big payoff payment, goes down to zero in 30 years; use this loan type to help you get taxable or untaxable (your choice) profit, ask us & CPA how

? Both loan types, , in CA/USA GOVERNMENT required way, are explained below

? THANKS FOR ALLOWING US TO INFORM YOU ABOUT OUR HAPPY CASH REAL ESTATE LOANS with 37 years of happy repeat borrowers, so you can easily shop & compare and get best loan for you

?Call or text Dan Cook personally at cell 661 330 2222•Email• Call office at 661 398 9382• Fax us at 661 398 9384• Visit or USA mail us at office address 5405 Stockdale Hwy #108, Bakersfield,CA, 93309• Or call or text our Los Angeles county loan officer, Rich Cook, at 323-641-3710 or email him on form at Los Angeles Loans.

?Read our educational, profitable to you, website at for 150 ways to prevent or stop foreclosure


? USE A REALTOR TO HELP YOU FIND A GOOD HOUSE & TO BUY HOUSE & TO SELL A HOUSE, and get loan from us or any lender• IF YOU ARE BUYER, YOU PAY NO REALTOR COMMISSION, SO USE A REALTOR TO HELP YOU FIND & BUY A HOME• LOOK IN www.REALTOR.COM for around 7,600 local, Kern County, properties, including around 4,700 residences, LISTED FOR SALE for you to buy below value & low down or no down, WITH OUR LOAN, ASK HOW

?We give you loan quote in 1 day & funds in 7 days, usually

? WE GIFT YOU THANK YOU REWARD OF A FREE, 4 DAY OR 3 DAY, HAPPY VACATION CRUI$E CHECK $350 , IF YOU LET US GIVE YOU CASH LOAN TO YOU THAT YOU LIKE, THAT HELPS YOU PAY BILLS OR BUY HOME• You can keep the free vacation crui$e $350 check, even if you default on the loan & do not pay back loan, ask how & read how below

?We promise to try to help you or tell you who can help you, if you let us

?If you give us property address, then we send you, in 1 day usually, FREE property value appraisal & FREE cash loan offer & committment & approval, with no obligation on you

? Get our loan to: buy property below value or low/no down; or get loan on property you own now to pay taxes & bills or stop foreclosure; cut taxes; get out of jail; pay lawyer; buy home to get tax free (untaxable) profit, ask how; or buy & hold for cash flow or flip for fast taxable profit; or buy to stop wasting money on nondeductible rent, or to cut income taxes; ASK HOW

? Get our cash loan & use it & benefit from it & then pay NO INTEREST & no points, if not happy or satisfied or if you get better loan elsewhere, ASK HOW

? BBB RATES US A++ for our honesty, truth, no lies, no hidden fees, NO SHAM LOANS OR ACCOUNTS OR CHARGES LIKE WELLS FARGO BANK, ALWAYS KEEPING OUR PROMISES to you & everyone else (including promise breaking, defaulting borrowers that cause us losses), thirty seven years of happy repeat borrowers, always trying to help you profit & solve your problems

?We give you free right to sign loan & cancel free for any reason before funding

? We never break our promises to you & never foreclose if you never default or if you give us deed in lieu of default, and we give you, in writing, FREE “150 ways to stop or prevent foreclosure if you default” at our website; ASK HOW

?Dan Cook personally guarantees that you pay no interest or points & you keep FREE cruise$ check $350 if you pay back loan less points by 6 weeks;; which is our version of “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOU PAY MONEY BACK WITH NO INTEREST”; ASK HOW

? GUARANTEED you can buy house no cash down from your pocket, 2 ways, with our 1st loan, if you make enough offers, or if you get seller to carry back big enough 2nd loan; ASK HOW

?To help you make offers, our loan funds can include (your) $15K buyers’ earnest money deposit when you, as buyer, submit purchase offers; ASK HOW

?YOU CAN BUY NO DOWN & below value & make many purchase offers, BEFORE INSPECTION, sight unseen, with no cost or risk or liability to you, by you writing this in your written, submitted, offer: “”Buyer makes or submits this offer before property viewing (inspection) & therefore, after acceptance, buyer’s buying & escrow closing are contingent on buyer’s written approval of: property inspection, appraisal, buyer getting ok to buyer 1st TD loan & title report/insurance & seller paid ALTA title insurance for buyer & lender• Buyer has free right to affirm or modify this offer if buyer disapproves any item after inspection, done after acceptance

?OUR LOAN CHARGES are: $0 application fee, $0 cost upfront out of your pocket, $0 charge & $0 obligation if loan never funds, $0 for free loan quote you keep, $0 for free appraisal you keep, $0 loan processing fee, $0 loan underwriting fee, $0 for flood certificate fee, $0 credit report fee, $0 for free 4 day cruise or fun $350 check you keep if loan funds- even if you do or do not pay back loan or do pay back loan in 6 weeks or over 30 years, $0 for free right to sign & cancel free before loan funds, $0 late charge if you pay 15 or less days late, 4% late charge after 15 days late, $0 prepayment penalty or cost, $0 balloon payment penalty or cost over 30 years if you pay as promised, $0 due on sale cost or penalty, $0 loan assumption cost or penalty, $0 or no charge for anything if loan never funds, $400 to lender for doc preparation fee, $400 to lender for property inspection fee, $70 to county for recording 1st TD, $0 usually for loan escrow fee (others charge up to $600) for loan on home you now own(ask how), $30 usually to notary for notarizing 2 signatures, $400 usually to title insurance company for our lender’s ALTA loan policy, [[0%APR & 0% note rate of interest & 0% points & $0 for free cruise $350 you keep if you pay back loan less points by 6 weeks ;;; and our other loan type is our 30 year loan, which has ?%APR & ?% note rate & ?% points, & ? here means you must email or text or call & ask us for free for these ? loan charges & figures for 30 year loan]]

? FOR FREE LUNCH & EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR, please visit us at our office

?WE WANT OUR LOAN TO HELP YOU & SATISFY YOU, or if not, WE TELL YOU YOU TO NOT TAKE OUR LOAN & you should get loan elswhere

?Triple your money by using our loan to buy smart, the right home or property, low/no down & below value, & hold enough years; & your profit can be untaxable or taxable, your choice,, ASK US & CPA HOW THIS CAN BE DONE USING OUR LOAN

?Get tax free profit, with our loan; ask how



? LANGUAGES we speak are==????English (Dan) & Español (Dan), or French & English (a loan executive of Equity1Loans), or Mandarin (daughter in law), or Taiwanese (daughter in law)

? We have, as lender, CBRE Lic#00707520 and many other licenses & obey all applicable codes of ethics & keep our promises, do you???

?You as borrower can be: person, citizen, any race or gender, noncitizen, entity, corp, LLC, trust, LGBTQ, transgender, we do not unfairly discriminate, partnership, foreigner, ITIN, Mexican matricula consular id card, undocumented alien, no green card, foreign legal entity or corporation, executor or administrator of property in probate, non resident alien, no id(use 2 credible witnesses to notarize), PAST OR PRESENT LOAN DEFAULTOR or promise breaker or bankruptcy,, ALL OK

? Property type can be home, 1-5 units, nonwarrantable condo, condo, townhome, mobile or manuf home with permanent foundation, rentals, investment property

? Loan can be for your profit pursuit, 1st TD non-purchase loan on property you now own, or 1st TD purchase money loan to help you buy, even if you live in the property

?Ask for copy of conditional FREE “PROOF OF FUNDS LETTER” to you, to help you make offers, with 1.2 million dollar ($1,200, 000.00), cashiers check copy in the “proof of funds letter”, to buyer/you, to give you credibility in making offers “sight unseen”


?MANY MORE BENEFITS OF OUR LOAN==Past foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, now in foreclosure, ALL OK• “Buy no down with cash back” is ok & has been done many times, with our loan, ask how• Get loan to buy+fix+flip & profit• 70% max loan to value ratio• Loan is based on property value, not price• No income requirements or debt to income requirement if you can state or honestly promise that you can & will pay as you promise• Owner occupied or nonowner occupied, both ok• Income or investment property ok• Fast funding in 3 to 7 days, usually• No bank statement required• Unemployed, self employed, retired, on welfare or WIC or EBT or social security, past bad credit & past loan default & past bankruptcy,, all ok, if you state you can & will pay as you promise• Loan payment includes principal & interest only, because you, borrower, pay direct your property tax & fire insurance, means no impound account cost to you• No down payment is required by us• We lend 100 percent of price, if price is 70 percent or less of value• It is ok with us if seller carries back 2nd loan, to help you buy low/no down• No personal guarantee from you needed, means is non-recourse loan & no personal liabiliy on you, means we can only foreclose & cannot sue & garnish or take your salary or other property, if you default & cause us loss• We lend & risk & lose our own money (if your default causes us loss)• We do not risk or lose government’s or taxpayer’s or an investor’s or your money• We lend loan from $4,000.00 up to 1 million dollars• Any loan purpose ok, if for profit pursuit, even if you live in the property• Fixed rate & payment, not variable rate or payment• Stated income ok• Get loan to get cash out or pay bills or buy home• Usually no loan escrow fee charged (saves you to $700) on non-purchase money loan on your own property, ask how

? YOU EARN OR GET $360 cash finder fee or referral fee or introduction fee, if we fund loan to borrower you introduce to us, not including loan to you

?No negative amortization (loan growth) if you pay as you promise

? You can pay loan payments to us by check, (USA mailed or delivered to our office) or money order or cashiers check or wired funds

?ONE DAY LOAN QUOTE, with no obligation & 7 day funding, usually

? Get our loan to help you cut income taxes, to buy home and pay zero income taxes on untaxable profit, or to pay income taxes on taxable profit, or to defer income taxes on profit, ASK US OR YOUR CPA HOW.

?Get cash income, possibly $980 each 2 weeks, possibly untaxable, using Airbnb, VRBO, & IRC Sec 280(A)g, by renting out private room in your home you buy using our loan, confirm with CPA

?All parties agree that all loans we lend are for loan purpose of borrower’s pursuit of profit, nonconsumer, nonusurious, not federally related, not regulated by USA Dodd Frank Act. THANKS..